Frequently Asked Questions


How do I book a time?

Call us at (630) 318-3344, or e-mail us at


Can I print the images provided on DVD or USB Thumb Drive?

Yes you can but we must warn you most of the places that will print a picture for you are just printing these images on a computer printer and they are not made to last more then a few years. When you order from our website the companies we use to print your images are a bit more expensive but these prints will last a very, very long time.


How is my gallery page viewable?

Everyone will get there own Gallery ID. The ID can be a name or a code. This ID can be pulled up from our ‘Client Access’ page. The Gallery Page can be password protected if you would like so even if someone knew your ID they could not see the photos unless you give them the passcode. The gallery can also be open for anyone to see, it is up to you.


Do you rates include the pictures?

Yes they do, there is nothing else to buy unless you want to order prints or other products from us and even then that is not required. You can take the digital files anyplace.


Why do you offer your wedding services a` la carte?

Most photographers have three or four different packages and on average runabout $200.00 and hour. Why pay that much for things you don’t need or want? Our wedding services are a flat $100.00 an hour. That is it!


Do you charge for travel?

We do not charge for the first 20 miles. After the first 20 miles we will then charge for the time it takes us over that 20 miles. For example, your wedding is 28 miles away and it takes us 15 minutes to drive the extra 8 miles you will be charged $25.00.


Do you allow for multiple on locations shoots after a wedding and before the reception?

Yes, we will go any number of places you would like to go. It will all be billed as time at a rate of $100.00 per hour.


What format will my photos be in?

They will be in a JPEG format.


Do you do any editing?

We will edit for color and clarity. Anything else will be adding our interpretation of art to your pictures but we will if you would like. We can discuss cost and what you want done though at the time. We typically charge $10.00 per photo.


How many photographers will photograph my wedding?

Just one but depending on the amount of time of the day of we might have an assistant. If you request a second photographer we can have one for an addition $50.00 an hour if available.