Family photo shoots can be small – two siblings, mom, and child, dad and baby – or they can be significant, with cousins, grandparents, dogs, and cats. We love to photograph them all and capture the things that make your family special - the little looks, sly grins, and bonds that bring you all together.

As part of your portrait session, we tend to capture several pictures; we don't believe you all need to be sitting still or even facing the camera for a successful family portrait. For us, a family shot involves you being together - whether that be in a formal line-up or a picture that is full of action and movement together.

The purpose of our photography is to create natural, relaxed pictures of everyone that can capture personalities providing a lasting reminder of a moment in our lives for years to come. By photographing on location or in your own home, we can capture images of your family in their environment, reflecting who they are and showing them having fun in their favorite places.

It's always a privilege to be invited into a family's world. To step inside their homes, their intimate spaces, and witness their lives. We are humbled to see all these different stages of family life, each so amazing and unique.

We would love for the opportunity to talk with you about what you are looking for in your family photo session. You can either call us at (312) 944-9400 or (630) 318-3344. Please also feel free to email us at

(*On-location shoots are within 10 miles of downtown Oswego or Downtown Chicago. Over 10 miles are subject to an additional $1.00 per mile. Offer not valid in Milwaukee Market)

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